Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I Used To Believe, What I Now Believe

Alan Knox at The Assembling of the Church continues a meme started by a friend of his named Lew at The Pursuit. The format of the meme is what one used to believe contrasted by what one believes now. Here is my list:

I used to believe that Romans 13 commanded believers to obey the state. Now I believe that it limits the state to punishing only a small number of sins that are also crimes, and that Paul cuts Caesar down to size (a common table waiter) rather than threaten believers who would dare drive 66 mph on the freeway.

I used to believe that one had to become a member of a church. I now believe that all baptized Christians are already members of a church simply by assembling with that church.

I used to believe in a pre-trib Rapture. Now I'm a postmillenialist who thinks that rapture theology is nonsense.

I used to believe that Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Arminians, charismatics and anybody attending a group listed in Walter Martin's Kingdom of the Cults couldn't possibly be a true Christian. Then I believed that people in these groups could be true Christians, but that their duty was to leave those groups. Now I believe that not only Catholics, Orthodox, charismatics and Arminians can be true Christians, but that the percentage of true Christians within Catholicism and Orthodoxy is probably the same as in Protestant churches.

I used to believe that one had to know the doctrine of justification by faith to be saved. I now believe that one is justified by faith regardless of whether one understands this to the same level I do.

I used to believe in Reformed theology. I now believe in reforming theology. [Clarification 05/06/09: I used to think of Reformed (past tense) theology as something already accomplished in the past by 400 year old dead guys. But, I've come to see a need for always reviewing old ways of thinking and doing things, and making changes where necessary.]

Come to think of it, most of my blog is about things I used to believe but now don't. Read on into my archives for the entire list.



    Guess what. If you can figure out when the "sudden destruction" of wicked persons takes place in I Thess. 5:3, and when "death" is ended in I Cor. 15:54, you will know where to place the rapture on your prophecy chart because those passages talk about the "times and seasons" (and the "when" and "then" ) of the rapture! Neat, huh?

  2. I love a man/woman who's theology isn't set in stone. I too have moved from Pre-trib. Pre-mil and through all the rest. I'm not sure what I am right now but I might be closer to Pan-Trib. It will all pan out somehow. God's in control and I'm not.
    Great blog

  3. Rich, thanks for the comment. Pan-trib? I'll add that one to my list!

  4. As an Arminian I would like to point out that Arminians are firmly in the Protestant camp too!

  5. Eclectic:

    Yes. I didn't leave you out, just silently lumped you and charismatics in with the Protestants in the last comparison w/ Catholics and Orthodox. :)

  6. I received a question about the meaning of Reformed theology and reforming theology in another comments section. I've made a clarification here.

  7. Great stuff.

    I finally put my list together here:

  8. I've just read your list as well as Lew and Alan Knox's.

    It's incredible how God allows you to stumble across websites which confirm that all the things you've been working through, others have been there also.

    Brings tears to my eyes. Because Religion can kill a person's walk with God.

    Thank you.

    1. Welcome, Liberty. Thanks for sharing your experience.