Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pastor Loses Suit Against Blogger

A pastor who sued a former church member over comments she made on her blog has lost his case.  I posted about the case here, and now the judge has dismissed every single claim in the defamation suit against Julie Anne Smith and four others.  The judge has also awarded costs and attorney fees to the defendants, including for two defendants who were dropped from the pastor's suit after it was filed.

You can read about it from Julie Anne herself here.

I am grateful for Julie Anne and the others for the judge's decision.  Hopefully, this case will help to further illuminate God's people on the existence of authoritarianism and spiritual abuse within the church.


  1. As you note, Steve, even though this legal matter has been settled, there’s still the pressing issue of spiritual abuse ravaging the Church, fostered most especially within authoritarian ecclesiastical structures.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thought I'd drop in and say Hi. I'm a regular at Julie Anne's Blog and at The Wartburg Watch. It is great to have a place to share and grow together without hindrance.

    My doctoral research took me into the hidden realm of spiritual abuse and recovery in the church today.

    My book is: Spiritual Abuse Recovery.

    My website is:

    My husband used to say that my insights have the vantage points of the 'other side of the pulpit'!! Just like you.

    Keep at it--in Christ!