Thursday, January 01, 2009

Can A Christian Be A Bartender?

Most Christians I know believe that Christians are allowed by the bible to drink alcohol. But can a Christian be a bartender? Own a brewery? A winery? A distillery? Some people who think a Christian can drink tend to shy away from believing these other things. Why?

It's quite okay to go to a bar, order a beer, sit and drink it, play the juke box, but to pour the stuff is questionable. Some might object out of fear that such a person would only be helping people with their vices. But with Christians supposedly holding to higher standards of morality, I would think that these people would rather have Christians in those positions than non-Christians. They would have a larger influence against drunkenness and vice, according to their own theology. Why not be salt and light from behind the bar as opposed to just in the lounge?


  1. That is a good question. You make a good point about influence against drunkenness. I often thought it would be cool to own my own craft beer and wine store, but my wife tells me if I did that we would need to find another church. I will need to think more on this and write a responce when I have more time.

  2. I've always found the 'no alcohol' group kind of silly. Since that first miricle that Jesus guy did had a little something to do with alcohol.

    Then the admonishment of the people getting drunk during communion showed that it was present even during a very important point in the Christian's walk.

  3. I don't think pouring the stuff is questionable when Jesus Christ who is God incarnate himself was known to turn water into wine, multiply it by hundreds of litres and distribute it to his fellow guests at a wedding and also to his mates. Really when thinking about it from that perspective, Jesus did serve alcohol, responsibly though.

    1. Anon,

      Thank you for the comment. I agree. "Drink responsibly."