Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Most Reformed of All

Different Protestant denominations have had varying degrees of departure from the theology and practice of the medieval Roman Catholic church toward "pure Christianity," which would be a completed Reformation. I'd like to look at various denominations to show how far they've turned from Rome (in ascending order), and will give their progress in percentages.

First, the Roman Catholic church. They're still unreformed so the progress looks like this:

Roman Catholic score: 100% Catholic - 0% Christian.
Next, Anglican and Episcopalian. These folks recognized the Reformation to some degree, but still retained quite a few Roman distinctives like infant baptism, priestly robes, liturgy and church hierarchy. The only difference between these two churches is English accent vs. American accent.

Anglican and Episcopalian score: 75% Catholic - 25% Christian
Next, Lutheran. Some of the same as Anglicans and Episcopalian, but they've come a bit further, especially in pseudo-Reformed theology.

Lutheran score: 50% Catholic - 50% Christian
Next, Presbyterian. They've done away with the half-baked Catholic views of Lutheranism on communion, but still sprinkle babies, and sometimes wear robes and have stained glass.

Presbyterian score: 26% Catholic - 74% Christian
Next, Christian Reformed. They basically hold the same thing as Presbyterianism, but just slightly lighter on the church hierarchy.

Christian Reformed score: 25% Catholic - 75% Christian
Last, Baptist. These folks have shed every thread of Catholicism. No baby baptism, no preachers wearing robes, no stained glass, no bread turning into Jesus just because a priest says so, no demon alcohol, no church hierarchy whatsoever. Just me, Jesus and my bible. And my quiet time. The greatest deviation from Rome there is.

Baptist score: 0% Catholic - 100% Republican
Thus we have a complete picture of church life in America today. PTL and you betcha.


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