Sunday, July 23, 2006

Record Heat Wave

It's HOT here in the Bay Area. It's been going on for a week and a half and today's forecast says it'll be going on for another week. Well over 100 degrees the whole time. It was 116 in Pleasanton, the place I work, yesterday. Fortunately, my family and I were at a Giants night game (actually 2 nights in a row), where is was only in the upper 80's. Two consecutive nights at a Giants game where I could wear shorts and a t-shirt. I've been to nearly a thousand games in my life and I'm still under ten where I could wear summer clothes to a Giants night game.

Anyway, when the A/C comes on at 8am and runs until 4am, it's hot. We took the train to the game, and all a/c units were burned out. It was sweltering on the BART. Every stop, the people got on and immediately excaimed how hot the car was. Brutal. It's 11:30pm and it's still 95 outside. Some day I'll get the a/c fixed in my car.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Lazy, Slow Tag Reply

Meme of Fourz: The Mutant

Vache Folle indirectly tagged me by his blog vicariously tagging anybody who came upon it. Well, I did, and here's my belated half-hearted reply.

Here’s the “Meme of Fourz”:

4 jobs I have pretended to have when out of town and talking to strangers:
(1) Entrepreneur
(2) The job I had just prior to being unemployed
(3) Architect
(4) sorry, only three

4 movies that I wish I had never seen:
(1) Pink Floyd Plays Pompeii
(2) whatever that Andrew Sandler movie is about golf. Happy Gilmore?
(3) It Came From Outer Space
(4) Top Gun, a thousand times

4 places where I lived but wish I had not:
(1) Massolo Drive
(2) Room 402, Davidson Hall, UC Berkeley dorms.
(3) My parents' house the third time
(4) Wouldn't you like to know?

4 TV shows that I deny that I ever watched but which I actually watched regularly:
(1) Desperate Housewives
(2) Gilmore Girls
Can't think of any more

4 popular TV shows that I just don’t get the appeal of:
(1) Friends
(2) That 70's Show
(3) The View
(4) Fear Factor

4 godawful vacations I have endured:
(1) Coronado Island, San Diego
I usually enjoy my vacations.

4 dishes that make me want to retch:
(1) Meatloaf
(2) Any fast food
(3) Quiche
(4) Candied yams

4 web sites that I avoid at all costs:
(1) Right Wing radio talk show host websites
(2) Anything porn
All else is fair

4 places where I am glad I am not:
(1) An AA meeting (or other AA affiliated groups)
(2) Tony Robbins seminar
(3) Guantanamo Bay
(4) Fundamentalist church

I tag you only if you want to be tagged.