Saturday, February 22, 2014

Forthcoming Book: "What We're For"

It's time to talk about a new book in the works. Eric Carpenter, blogger at A Pilgrim's Progress, and Jeremy Myers are putting together a new book, tentatively titled "What We're For." Yours truly will be contributing a chapter to that book. You can read a bit further about this project at Eric's blog here.

Eric and Jeremy have lined up about 25 people who will write a chapter each. This book will be about the positives of the "simple church" concept, hence "what we're for," rather than the negatives often written about institutional church.

My chapter will be about one of the things we're for, roughly, "a church that clings to Scriptural truth in all aspects of life." A broad topic to be sure, but limiting that topic to about 2000 words was an exercise in just about everything! My chapter was completed and submitted several weeks ago, and we've been through the editing. The book is scheduled to be out this fall. I've never been a published author before (in the traditional understanding, of course, as there's that "publish" button on my blog editor), so this is an exciting project to tackle. I will write more as the publish date approaches.