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  1. Check out the story of Paul on Julie Anne's blog. I am that Paul and could use any help possible to get my messgae out to help others from falling into the same trap as me.

  2. Hey Dude.
    I see a site pop up on my script blocking software called
    I guess my visits haven't been recorded because it is being blocked. Sorry about that, I do the little that I know how to avoid tracking and viruses and the script blocker supposedly helps a bit. Does it ever show any hits from Thailand?
    Anyway... who is Julie Anne and Paul, mentioned in the comment above??

    1. Dude,

      Julie Anne is a woman from Beaverton, OR who was sued for $500k by her pastor for posting a negative comment about her former church on Google comments. Somehow the pastor was able to have her comment removed from the Google site, several times. So she created a blog and posted her brief comment there, never expecting that she would be sued nor that it would explode into a world-wide story, "Pastor sues church member." Well, she kept her blog going and dedicated it to the topic of spiritual abuse by church leaders. She won the lawsuit against her former pastor. You can scroll down my right margin and click on "Beaverton Grace Bible Church Survivors."

      I jumped in early on with comments about stuff from my past, and have been following her blog ever since. And the guy, Paul, is somebody who had a pretty wild story of abusive church leaders, if I remember correctly.

      Oh, and no, there are no shown hits from Thailand. :(

  3. Thanks for the info.
    And I clicked to allow sitemeter to track me... I feel like someone is hiding in my closet now! :P