Monday, January 02, 2012

A Reformed Drinker Gets A Pub To Change Its Name

A reformed drinker named Jason Nota uses the internet to change the name of a pub! What may seem like a successful venture into social activism is merely a play on words here.  You see, Jason Nota is a beer drinker who holds to Reformed theology, and he changed the name of his blog from PILGRIMS PUB to Reformed Drinker.

Jason has been on my blogroll for years and I will shortly change that name and web location in my margin.  Jason writes about drinking beer in moderation, lists all the beers he drinks, rates all the beers he drinks, and often takes head on the false modernist American religious beliefs of prohibitionism and abstentionism. If you enjoy beer or care to know why it's okay for a Christian to drink it, check out Jason's blog, Reformed Drinker.