Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Book Meme

Things have been slow in my blogging world for a few weeks now. I've been going to work earlier, working longer days, going to bed earlier, working not only on the kitchen but the back yard too. We've gone to a few more Giants games than normal. Just busier. If this keeps up, my blog will turn mainly to answering tags. But they are usually fun and Mrs. Scott likes to know what I'm thinking.

This time Vache Folle tagged me with a meme about books. I'm not much of a book reader, as my reading tends to be more technical and short article oriented, but I have read a few in my life. Here's my feeble attempt:

One book that changed my life:
Other than the Bible, I can't say that one book has changed my life. Sure there have been some changes in my life as a result of what I read in books, but that is different from having my life changed.

One book I have read more than once:
George Orwell's "1984."

One book I would like to have on a desert island:
"Swimming for Dummies."

One book that made me laugh:
"Baseball Confidential" by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo. They surveyed baseball players on many subjects and got their opinions. My favorite was Detroit Tigers player Kirk Gibson quoting yours truly as a heckling bleacher bum. Read about it here.

One book that made me cry:
I usually don't cry, and reading a book isn't likely to start that.

One book I wish I’d written:
I think this means any book written by somebody else that I would rather have authored myself than them. But I'm going to change the grammatical emphasis to: any of a number of books I've intended to write myself but never made time. I've started writing books before and have had numerous ideas for writing books but none have progressed past about 30 pages. Most are ideas. From being a bleacher bum to theological topics to the Giants/Dodgers rivalry.

One book I wish had never been written:
Harold Camping's "1994?". The religious radio station president predicted the end of the world and it didn't happen. It did much harm to many lives.

One book I’m currently reading:
I'm not currently reading a book.

One book I have been meaning to read:
John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress." It's the second best selling book in history (if you count the Bible as the first best). I've read the first 40 pages about five times. I need to get those last 260 in sometime soon.

Five bloggers to tag with this meme:
I don't know if I have five readers of my blog, and two that I know do read it have already been tagged. So here's a try. Apologies in advance for my bloggemarketing.

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