Sunday, September 17, 2006

Got Toothpaste? State Sponsored Child Abduction and Destruction of a Family is a Better Solution

The other day I saw a brief story in the news about a mother (presumably a single mom) who was neglegent in her 5 year-old's dental care. An x-ray was shown on the news as supposed evidence to this fact. It was far more muddled than I'm used to seeing, but the idea was to show the extent of his tooth decay.

Somehow this was brought to the attention of state authorities. Their solution? Well, it wasn't to have a judge order the mom to pay for the proper care of her son's teeth (the biblical concept of tooth for tooth is backward and barbaric, don't you know). Rather it was to charge the mom with a crime, jail her, and abduct the child from his family and place him in that pedophile's paradise known as foster care (I know whereof I speak).

Now I know that there are quite a few stupid and ignorant people in the world. But God gave authority over children to the parents for a reason. If the parents are neglegent in a certain area (and aren't we all), why not encourage them to grow in that area?

Let me get this striaght. The problem was that the child was deprived of a toothbrush by his mother. So the solution is to also deprive the child of his mother, family, home, neighborhood, friends just so he can now have his teeth brushed? Is the government collectively demon-posessed?


  1. The state's solution is worse than the crime.