Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blogroll Addition: Blessed Economist

It's not too common when I run across a blogsite where I agree with most of the theology, economics and politics written about by the author. Many of the sites on my blogroll contain some things I don't agree with, or things I haven't thought through, or contain many other types of topics.

So I am adding the Blessed Economist to my links section. It's refreshing to hear his views with such an uncomplicated process from presupposition to conclusion, without a 1000 page volume to tread water through. I found him through Gene Redlin at Northern Gleaner.


  1. Steve,
    Visit all the links to his own writing. Ron has a real handle on the ascension gifts. Take the time to read it all.

    He's a gifted thinker. My brain hurts sometimes reading everything he writes.


  2. Gene,
    I'm just scratching the surface.