Saturday, March 10, 2007

Three's Company

My favorite beer, Guiness Stout. Ground pepper. My favorite Mexican hot sauce, Tapatio.


  1. The Guiness is good. But a good Corona with hot sauce in it is great.

    We drink TOMATO BEER here. Half Tomatoe juice half beer (usually a pilsner of some kine).

    The hot sauce is an iteration of it.

    Do they do this in CA??

    Great summer pick me up.

  2. Gene,

    I've not heard of the tomato beer, so I don't think it's big in CA. Not sure I'd be on board for that. But I've seen the hot sauce in the beer, and it seems to be limited to men of Mexican heritage. I've tried it, and like it, but since I put it on most foods, I keep my beer fairly pure, even void of lemon or lime. The microbrew phenomenon seems to be the rage in CA.

  3. You put pepper and hot sauce into your beer!? Wow, who ever thought that up the first time!? It makes me think of my sister, when we were children and she loved mustard so much she made peanut butter and mustard sandwiches! We all liked it! Except for my older brother who detests the existence of mustard to begin with. lol
    Maybe you should try putting a pickle in your beer! I hate both of those things, so who knows a beer or pickle lover might think it tastes good!??? I'll let you experiment and if you like it, you should submit it to the women's ministry at church for the cookbook that they are soliciting recipes for! :-)
    See ya

  4. Yes, I had a Guiness had an "emergent" gathering about Jesus in the gospels, at Black Rose Irish Pub here in Grand Rapids. It was a good time, and that was the best beer drink, or just as good, as any I've ever had. They know how to pour it.

    I remember bringing that stuff home and wondering what in the world the clicking sound was. I love that froth.