Friday, August 17, 2007

If It's Not Wrong, How Can It Be Illegal?

James Leroy Wilson asks this question as he comments at the Partial Observer about a failed attempt by fundamentalist Christians to ban alcohol sales in an Alabama town. Their reasoning stemmed from the morality of drinking alcohol. Their opponents cited that such a ban would hurt the economy and hurt tax revenues.

But as Wilson points out, both sides missed the real points, which are "what business is it of the government if one person sells alcohol to another?" and "how can a free society prohibit something that isn't intrinsically wrong?"

A great many Christians readily label additions to God's word that restrict the behavior of others as "legalism." But, sadly, a lot fewer number see prohibitions to adding to God's word as applying to the state.


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  2. This brings the license issue to mind... The issuing of licenses to do something that is not unlawful to begin with is going against the whole reason for the existence of a license in the first place. Licensing alcohol sales falls into this along with licensing drivers, marriages, etc., etc., etc.................

  3. BTW have you written anything on licensure?