Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Christian Halloween

Okay, so the author is Catholic, but his list Top Ten Things to do for a Catholic Halloween is as Christian, Protestant and non-Fundamentalist as it is Catholic. (Hat tip to Chad Toney) Why (some) Protestants are horrified of Halloween is weird. Because of the cross, none of the forces of darkness have any power over them. Yet their fear gives them all the power they need.


  1. Bruce Gerencser11/2/07, 1:41 PM


    I used to be one of those anti-halloween guys. None of my children (6 of them) have ever gone trick or treating. I also never did the alternative thing either.

    Ever realize how stupid you've been? With righteous zeal I endeavored to keep my kids from satanism. Found out Satan is the the least of the problems kids/families/world faces. Yes he is real. Yes is is a deceiver. BUT, halloween is nothing more than a cultural activity where kids (and adults?) dress up and everyone gets a load of candy

    I regret not allowing my kids to enjoy such cultural endeavors.

    My youngest three have read ALL the Harry Potter books. My wife has read them too. I haven't but that is because I rarely read fiction. I have been judged over my allowing the kids to read occultic material but honestly not one of the kids have turned into a witch or a warlock. :)

    We often fight the wrong battle and God sighs and satan laughs.


  2. I like Bruce's perspective - I like Halloween also - but as a youth in church I was taught it was the 'most evil day of the year'. That's laughable. Halloween is so nothing in comparison to genocide in Sudan or wars in Iraq. It's a holiday and nothing more - and a fun one at that - if we want to see real evil - watch some CNN.

  3. Bruce,
    It's good to hear from you. Hope you're doing well. Yeah, I realize that most of my life I've been stupid. Sometimes I pray that people won't remember the stupid things.