Friday, May 30, 2008

I Love Travelling To San Diego

I flew to San Diego yesterday on business. I had several meetings at our firm's San Diego office and some other work to do. It was a down-and-up trip, not overnight. I love San Diego, and so does Mrs. Scott. We took our honeymoon there and until multiple children hit, we used to vacation there every year, staying in Little Italy. We also travelled there many times each before getting married.

Just walking out of the airport into the ocean aired breeze was wonderful. There's both a certain smell and certain feel to the air. The beaches are great, and the freeway signs for I-8 westbound simply say "Beaches." Only in San Diego. On the way back to the car rental place the commute traffic was light, so I drove through Little Italy which is only a few blocks away from the airport. Just feels like home in some way.

The flight between Oakland and San Diego hugs the coast all the way down, so there are many landmarks that can be seen from the air. I saw Monterey, downtown LA and our Little Italy hotel which is just a hundred yards off the landing path or so. I also saw three baseball parks (read about it at my baseball blog), and miles of beach. I have a fear of flying, although I love flight and aviation. I get freaked out at little bumps and any change in engine thrust.

All in all, I was up at 5:30am and arrived home at about 10:30pm. A long day, but fun in many ways.

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