Sunday, June 29, 2008

Theology Subculture Stereotypes

It's amazing how frequently I can read a blog comment and discern the theological (or other ideology) influences of that individual. I'll think, "gee, this argument, the wording, the terminology, the attitude, sound like a, b, c, x and y." I'll click through to their own blog and check their links. Yep. There's the links to a, b, c, x and y.

I also like to like to check other bloggers' links, then the links that those people link to. It's amazing sometimes how linked together in groups people can be. Somebody who links to a, c, d, y and z are likely to have many of the same links by friends of theirs. Hmmm.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah but it doesn't work for you and me. Oil and water, yet we are friends. Must be our love for baseball :)

    But you are right. If I read a blog and see certain "links" in their blog roll I am likely to not add them to my RSS reader. Read one Pyro, Fide-o,Slice of Laodicea, them all.

    I do try and check out site I may disagree with. Never hurts to know your enemy :)