Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now Contributing to iMonk Blog

Michael Spencer, aka the Internet Monk - or iMonk for short - has introduced me as an occasional contributor to his blog Michael's blog is top rate and is one of the most read Christian blogs on the internet. He writes on very diverse and often controversial topics from a large expanse that he terms "the post-evangelical wilderness." His readers are even more diverse than his blog archives, as the comments sections attest.

It is both humbling and an honor to contribute to Michael's blog. If you're not already a regular reader of his, check him out more often.


  1. I am impressed.

    Good on you.

    You'll get to ride on that Imonk Gulfstream now...HA

  2. It's good to meet you in a bloggish sort of way via the internetmonk.

    Looking forward to perusing your blog & reading your posts over on michael's site.


  3. Good for you Steve. As I have told you before, your writing deserves a broader audience.

    Michael is a great guy and I appreciate all he has done over the years with his blog.


  4. read about your blog internet monk-will start reading your blog-I was born in Oakland Calif. 1952-lived in Richmond California 1968-1977-well look forward to reading your blog-peace Jonny

  5. And I can say, I knew him when...Don't let it go to your head big timer.