Saturday, September 15, 2012

Re-Thinking Church Membership (Part 35) - Confusion Over Church Membership

Wanda "Deb" Martin (known better as simply Deb) over at The Wartburg Watch is jumping into the church membership and church covenant topics head first with back-to-back posts, one on each.  In the first post - titled Confusion and Ignorance Over Church Membership? - Deb links to a study by Grey Matter Research that concludes there is "widespread confusion and ignorance on the subject of official membership in a place of worship."

At the end of that post, Deb wonders why the study was done - hmmm - and the next day continues with Are Covenants A 'Yoke of Bondage'? , outlining some of her own experience with church covenants and the unintended - or otherwise - results.

What is just as interesting as what Deb writes about is the comments sections of both posts.  People write in with their own stories about church membership and covenants.  Every time I see something on these topics, I am amazed by the fallout caused by the law of unintended consequences.  Give each post a read.


  1. It really has been interesting to read the comments. That reminds me, I need to check out the membership rules at our new church. I tell you, this blogging and reading this past year has opened my eyes so much. I have a new sense of freedom yet also have much more discernment. Heck, no, I won't sign that thang. LOL

  2. I have never been more happy belonging to a church in which I am a member. Don't remember signing anything, but we did go through membership classes. We also had an acceptance of new members service. We publicly confess our allegiance to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the doctrines taught by the church.

    The LCMS is not a legalistic type church, so there was no pledge we had to give promising we would give 10% of our income or that we would never drink a drop of alcohol.

  3. Anyone who wants to join our church can join. There is a half an hour long class that the pastor conducts. When my wife and I joined we didn't take it, for some reason. I've been a member there for 15 years and I am not aware of any rules per se outside of the common sense things that mature adults ought know, don't be disruptive, etc..

    Basically, I think they just want to make sure that you are not a Giants fan. Other than that, all are welcome :)