Monday, November 05, 2012

Do You Know Your Pastor's Faults?

Here's an odd question: do you know your pastor's faults?  By this question, I mean to ask if you know your pastor's everyday personality flaws, even if minor.  Not necessarily the kind of faults that would disqualify one form being a pastor, just faults and flaws that all of us share to one degree or another.

Do you know what riles your pastor up?  Do you know which buttons to push to get a rise out of your pastor?  What are the hot topics, the points of theology that cause him to flinch, the political ideas that run cross grain?  Do you know what issues he keeps pressing?  What are his hobby horses?  Where does he fail in communication, organization or ability to lead?  Is he less than perfect in how he treats his wife and children?  Okay, I could go on here, but I hope you could supply your own extended list.

In short, what I'm getting at is this: Is your pastor human? Or is he a spiritual robot?

If he is human, and you are able to get to know him well enough to know his flaws, then he's probably got a good chance of being a decent pastor.  Is he perfect, never showing the slightest instability?  Does he have all the answers?  Is he always right? Does he refrain from showing his human side?  Do others praise him in ways that go beyond the realistic?  Does he relate to people in ways that they can't easily learn his flaws?  Is he the center of attention at your church?  Then you should probably run for the hills.  Greater flaws lie beneath the surface.


  1. I know my pastor's faults very well. They are much like mine. A bit different here and there.

    I'm thankful that he knows and preaches the gospel, really well.

    He is very good at handing over the Word of the One who has no faults.

  2. Regarding my old church: yes, I saw them, but he acted like they didn't exist. Funny thing, he must have convinced his elders they didn't exist either because we asked the elders privately if they had ever, in over 10 years of being elders with him, had the occasion to question any sort of character flaw, sin issue, however minor, in his life. They said "oh no, never". RED FLAG ALERT!

    1. Good point. I was talking about pastors who know they have faults. The ones who don't are scary.

  3. No kidding!

    I want a pastor who is a REAL sinner! They all are, anyway. They ought admit it.

    At the end of a good sermon, NO ONE should be left standing, not even the preacher, but Jesus Christ alone.