Sunday, May 26, 2013

Alan Knox on Being a Member of Christ's Body

I've been a long time reader and commenter on Alan Knox's The Assembling of the Church blog.  His latest post "replays" an old post of his where he looks at what the NT says about being a member of Christ's body.  He compares this with what we commonly know as the modern concept of church membership:

What did I find? I found that the modern concept of “church membership” is completely different than the scriptural idea of being members of the body of Christ and members of one another.
One helpful tactic Alan uses in his post is that he quotes every passage in the NT that has to do with membership.  He finally points out a number of things regarding the use of the body/member metaphor, including:

We become members of the body through an act of God not because of something that we do or something that we choose.  We do not choose to be members of the body nor do we choose those with whom we are members.

This is an interesting conclusion given what most of us have been taught about church membership.  I agree with Alan on this point.  Read his post here.

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