Monday, April 25, 2005

The Music is Reversible

At the heart of the debate between the Covenantal and Dispensational views of the covenant(s) is the argument of continuity or discontinuity from Old to New Covenant. Covenant theology stresses continuity and dispansationalism stresses discontinuity.

Yet, in the area of music in the church, they quite often switch positions. The hard core covenanters often hold a "biblical" position limited to the singing of psalms alone, a cappella, completely ignoring both the instruments used in the psalms themselves and the "continuity" that would invite their heavy use today. Dispensationalists on the other hand often sing only "spiritual songs", citing the New Testament reference as replacing the Old way, yet use every instrument that makes a sound (without reference in the NT for validation).

So much for systematic theology...

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  1. Hmm...this is funny, I have noticed this also. I believe in the continuity of the covenants and think the "Psalmody only" belief is wrong because it ignores the OT use of instruments. I do not believe anything in the NT negates the use of instruments. Here, here, good work detective Scott!