Monday, April 11, 2005

Why "From the Pew"?

Well, I'm in. Just getting my toes wet. My first blog post.

So why have I named this blog "From the Pew"? I'm not a pastor, seminary graduate or professional theologian, and am not currently a church leader or office holder. Just a regular dude sitting in the pew... with plenty of opinions about how we moderns "do church."

It seems that the ones "in control" make, and have always made, all the rules, biblical or not, and maybe it's time for a change. I seem to read my bible a bit differently than those systematically trained in who knows what.

My aim is to get Christians thinking about what they do and why. So, here's some theology "From the Pew."


  1. Hmmm sounds good, looking forward to seeing your Comments.
    By the way, you said you are not an "office" holder... just another one of those things that you might be interested to consider, regarding some of your pet peeves/"dislikes". That is, just what is an "office"? Most people seem to think it is some position of legislative authority, which is understandable and unfortunate, due to the way it is acted out by the holders of such "office" (e.g. enacting extrabiblical bylaws for the "church").
    How about the definition from Black's Law Dictionary (4th Edition) just as some food for thought. "Ministerial office. One which gives the officer no discretion as to the matter to be done, and requires him to obey mandates of a superior." Of course, we know this to be the case for servants of the church (commonly called office holders, i.e. deacons and pastors/elders), but what we know and what we do sometimes seems to be so contradictory doesn't it!?
    Anyway, I don't want to write a book of a comment here! I am also looking forward to some great positive comments from the pew as well (e.g. some of the great ministry people are doing in their everyday life that you hear about while "in the pew"), not only stuff like this absurdity of how people seem to comprehend what an "office holder" is.
    And have you ever thought about what a weird word that is!?? "Pew"? It is a strange one to me....

  2. Hey, did you ever check out the etymology of that weird word, "pew"?