Friday, May 18, 2007

When Friends Don't Mix

Most of my friends are friends because I have more in common with them than not. Many I would say I agree with them on maybe 90% of what they believe and on 10% I disagree. But occasionally, there is occasion for certain friends of mine to mix with other friends. When one friend's 10% that I don't agree with runs into another friend's different 10%, it can be quite a clash.

Recently, a number of blogsite friends of mine have gone to war with other blogsite friends on their sites. I can count five different incidents, some of which are ongoing, just off the top of my head. Now, where to stand if I'm put on the spot?


  1. Friends will always have a difference of opinion, but that's how it is.Whether it is real life or online friends, we share similar and different interests and views.The point is to listen and understand each other.

  2. We all have days.

    Mine was last Tuesday.

    But, I'm all better now.

    So, this too shall pass.

    We all love you Steve and enjoy what you write.

    By the way. Jerry Falwell's death is a hoax. He is not dead except in Body. Molly Ivins about whom I did little grieving when she stepped over is dead.

    Now I've gone and said something mean again.

  3. Treat them as you want to be treated - if those friends want to 'fight' amongst one another does not mean you are called into it - if so - maybe as a voice of reason in the wilderness.