Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back In The Kitchen

Life has put over a year delay in our kitchen remodel. The upper cabinets have been done (except for one shelf) for over a year. The lowers have been open for over that long, with the cabinet doors in the garage. The children have learned that the pots and pans aren't worth playing with any longer so they don't. But the last two weeks I've taken to painting the cabinet doors, and tonight I put a coat of primer on the cabinet face. I was able to install one of the doors this weekend. Once the lowers are painted and the doors installed, I still have to paint the scalloped crown molding and deal with the seams between the old and new cabinets (which are custom made by me and my dad). Then new counter top and tile on the wall.

We are keeping with the 40's style and all new stuff looks retro. I can't wait until I'm done. Then I can attack the rest of the 30 page list...


  1. Why are you still up? Go to bed.

    Cathy C.