Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fall Is In The Air

Today was the first day this year that I could feel autumn in the air. It's hard for me to explain the "feeling," but there are some distinct sensations that I can describe. The shadows are discernibly longer, since the sun is at a lower angle in the sky. This angle of the sun somehow changes the light somewhat. It appears to make things a slightly different color to me, maybe a bit more orange. It is a warm day today, in the low 80's, but there is some kind of feeling as to how temperature, humidity, wind (or lack of) and sunlight mix to form the feeling of fall.

Fall is my very favorite season of the year, with spring my least favorite. I love the color changes, and the gradual (at least here where I live in California) descent from hot to cool, day by day over several months. Cooler evenings and mornings turn to warm days. Then the leaves change color and start to fall. Then it's football-on-the-front-lawn weather. Pile up the leaves, play football in them, then pile them up again. And of course there's the Fall Classic - without the Giants.

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