Sunday, November 04, 2007

Questioning My Faith

I'm returning to the post Society VS (new website for his blog) made regarding growing in the faith. He guesses that it can be likened to processes in human life. The four steps he listed are these:

1) Child - where we are told what is true
2) Teenager - where we know all the answers
3) Young Adult - where we question what we thought we knew
4) Adult - maturity that is a partnership with God

I must admit I've been questioning my faith over the last so many years. Step three. Actually this has been going on since the beginning of my faith. But I need to make a distinction here. The faith I've been questioning is not the faith - that faith handed down once for all - but my faith. I have been questioning what I thought I knew; what others have told me what the faith is.

I've been almost exclusively within Protestant/ Evangelical/ Reformed circles since my conversion. Yet within this, I've been taught what the faith is by legalists, fundamentalists, dispensationalists, covenant theologians, premillenialists, amillenialists, moralists, neoplatonists, neopuritans, neotraditionalists, political conservatives and a host of other isms, ists and knowitalls. Each of these has been content to set up a box containing all reality. Their boxes are limiting and force falsehoods upon us. I have dared to break out of boxes and tried to look at the world with the idea of God's purpose in mind; not man's knowitallism.

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world -- our faith. ( 1 John 5:4)


  1. Thanks Steve for ruminating on this idea - I am very thankful to you for your added thoughts and feel humbled that an idea I discussed within myself for a while would be 'food for thought' for another - I am very thankful for the convo.

    "Their boxes are limiting and force falsehoods upon us. I have dared to break out of boxes" (Steve)

    I think there are a lot of us at this point but isn't that just the way faith goes? I mean we grow into this maturity - to the point where we start to define what our faith really means to us. If we never question - we will never grow.

    I was just thinking about the thing Jesus says 'whoever falls on this rock will be broken' - could it be that good true and tried faith in God calls us to be broken?

  2. "You cannot have God for your father without having the Church for your mother." --St Cyprian

    Quoted with approval by Luther and Calvin.