Monday, December 10, 2007

300,000 Miles for Mr. Mileage

Today my car turned the 300,000 mile mark. I bought my 1990 Honda Accord brand new in early '90. It was the first year of a new model line, which is supposed to be the worst year, but this one is no lemon. I've been through a few clutches and a few timing belts, maybe an oil filter or two. I have no reservations recommending Honda to anybody. Beats the American stuff I've driven any day.

I have a knack for getting mileage out of all kinds of things. Shoes, boots, sandals, computers, T-shirts and other articles of clothing. My hairdresser, dentist, razor. My wife is cracking up right now as she's feeding me examples. I've had my razor since I was 16. Still going. Records, CD's. Furniture. My sandals lasted 10 years, my boots 8, my new boots are going on four. I have T-shirts that are 10 years old. I'm on my second pair of jogging shoes in the last 12 years, and I jog several miles every day. I had my last computer for 8 years.


  1. Well I am your alter ego then. We have what our family calls "the gerencser rule" It means we are always the 1 out of 100 that gets the new _____________and it doesn't work.

    I am very careful with things. Over protective some might say. Yet, stuff breaks, rips, falls apart, tries to electrocute me.

    It is funny how life falls out to different people in different ways.


  2. seems like this is a virtue of types, a cross between resisting glutony and embracing temperance...