Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blog Feed Survey

How many of my readers use blog feeds to monitor their blogrolls? I've never used a feed and don't know much about them. I use the old-fashioned way of blogrolling through my favorites list. I've heard some say that this is a waste of time, but I also heard somebody say once that correcting spelling mistakes or updating things once something is posted can cause a problem for those who use a feed.

I place some value on hitting a site on my blogroll even though that site hasn't posted in a while. I get to see (remember) what and when the last post was. It keeps that blog fresh in my mind, as I interact with many blogs on a daily basis. A question to those who use a feed to keep up with my blog: does tinkering with my posts cause a problem for you? As an example, just five minutes ago I back-dated a post for housekeeping reasons when I realized I originally accidentally posted it with today's date on it. Did it show up twice? I added labels to ten other posts and republished them. Did you get swamped with feed notices? I'd also like to hear the pro's and con's of using feeds. Thanks!


  1. I use netvibes as a reader. Means that I do not need to go and check for updates. Your housekeeping does not create a problem. I only saw your previous post once.

  2. I use and like it very much. It is much quicker than visiting every blog I read. Also, it is nice because some fo the blogs I read only publish once every few weeks or months, even, so I don't waste time checking them often.

  3. Hi Steve,
    I use google reader that is connected to my blogger account. You have the same blogger account. Checking blogs this way makes blogging much less time consuming for me. Under this program you put in the links for all the blogs that you want to read. When a new post is made you see the blog listed with the amount of new posts for that blog page. All of the new blog posts are right there. If you want to make a comment you need to click on the blog page or the title of the new blog post and reader takes you to the blog. When you are done making a comment you close out the screen that you are in and you are back to reader. It really does save time.
    I received 4 new posts from the pew since I checked last and none were duplicates. But I think if you publish and then make changes that it will resend the new corrected post.
    Have a great day!