Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blogger Label and Series Problems

I'm running into some problems with Blogger's label feature. I've got a number of ongoing blog series in my margin where I want all posts on that topic available to readers (or myself) just by clicking. Before labels, I made one long post made up of cutting/pasting each post into one large one. The text editor's limited abilities made it difficult and time consuming to do. Once labels came into being, I used them. But now I've found that labels have a 20 post limit. For example, my "Re-Thinking Church Membership" series now stands at 21 posts, only 20 of which are visible, so I've taken to making "sub" labels, grouping parts 1-10 together for the reader to somehow access. And having accepted Bloggers new format, I don't have the "older posts/newer posts" feature available for my readers to delve back into my blog history through a label.

Some bloggers, like Ron McKenzie at Blessed Economist, have a separate website for completed works of writing, and link there. Ron's blog is his thinking-out-loud scratch pad where he formulates ideas. I use my blog to develop ideas, too, but don't yet want to use another source, so I'm stuck with its limitations. I don't want to get another blog host just yet. Any ideas on how to access all posts on a single topic? Thanks in advance.


  1. I came at this the other way round. I started writing for the web a number of years ago. I started at and then eventally go my own url and host.

    I started blogging a couple of years ago as a way of thinking out loud. It also seem to keep Google excited about my Kingdom Watcher site.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I think you can change the amounts of posts that show on one page. Under your blogger account go to customize (top left corner) then go under settings and then to formatting. One of the top settings is how many posts per page. See if you change that number if you can have the number of posts you want on a page.

    Not sure if that is the answer or if that will work.

    Have a great day!