Friday, August 15, 2008

Day At The Beach

The Scott family travelled to the beach yesterday and had a great deal of fun. We went to Half Moon Bay, about 30 miles south of San Francisco, as the coastal highway winds. It was overcast all day, the fog clinging very close to the coast. Sun appeared at about four blocks inland. It was about 65 degrees, just about perfect. The kids built sand castles and tide barricades with other children playing there. Our middle son threw sand into onrushing "waves" all afternoon, gaining endless delight. Our oldest was running in and out of the water as it came in. Our youngest was exploring the sand and discovered that throwing a ball made it roll down the sand incline toward the ocean. Mrs. Scott and I took a lot of photos.

Late in the afternoon we escaped to hunt down some food before the kids fell asleep. We missed by five minutes. So we trekked a great distance toward home while the kids slept. We tried to eat at one of those chain deals. We were told of a 15-30 min wait. Almost an hour later we were told that there were only two tables in front of us so we were close. By that time, the kids had lost it. We had to split, very disappointed. We pulled out a few snacks and made it to Mel's Drive-In (yes, that small chain of restaurants made famous by the movie American Graffiti) and everything was made right. They have a great juke box full of oldies, good food, and waitresses that we see every time we go. They love our kids and have time to chat, so that makes it all the better. A good day of fun.

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