Saturday, August 23, 2008

Survey: How Long Have You Been A Christian?

If you are a Christian, that is. I'm polling you to find out the length of service of my readership. Leave your answer in the comments section. If you're not a Christian or no longer one, you can answer with relation to your own beliefs. Okay, to make it more informational, maybe I'll add a few more questions:

  1. How long have you been a Christian?
  2. At what age(s) were you baptized? (or you haven't been yet)
  3. What denomination or affiliation do you have? i.e. Methodist, Roman Catholic, Dutch Reformed, Reformed Baptist, Non-denominational, etc. (set aside the stigma of labels for a minute)
  4. Have you read the entire bible?


  1. 1) 18 years
    2) as a baby, then at about the age of 13
    3) Anglican Communion
    4) Yes

  2. 1. Since 1977 (31 years).

    2. Bapised as a baby and then at 33 years old (the real baptism)

    3. Lutheran in culture, Pentecostal (Word of Faith/House of Prayer) in Practice

    4. Yes

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  4. 1. Since 1973, nominally, since I said the prayer at the end of the 4Spiritual Laws tract. But I didn't actually enjoy the gift of belief until 2001.

    2. I was baptized by full immersion in the First Baptist Church of Dalton, GA in 1974 or 75.

    3. I belong to a Dutch Reformed Church, but was previously Congregationalist. It was not the denomination that attracted me to my church.

    4. Yes.

  5. Hi Steve,

    1. Saved in 1991/92 during college
    2. Infant baptism, in the 8th grade as part of confirmation class, and baptized as a believer in 1992
    3. I belong to a Non-denominational church that is reformed in theology
    4. I have read through the entire Bible at least 6 times.

  6. 1.I have been a Christian for 28 years.

    2. Infant baptism, then confirmation in the Catholic Church sometime around the 9th or 10th grade. Re-baptized in 1981 as a believer.

    3.A member of the Fairview Mennonite Church. Even though I believe more in Reform Theology than I do Anabaptist, especially their pacifist stance. It's somewhat of a community church and the Mennonite doctrines are not held above Christian doctrine.

    4. I read through the Bible once with help from the One Year Bible.

  7. The Federal Vision stuff has messed with my "how long" understanding, but w/o a thousand qualifications:

    1. If you assume Christian at Baptism, then I returned to the Faith 15 years ago.

    2. Baptized as an infant in the Episcopal Church

    3. PCA

    4. Yes...the NT & Pentateuch tons of times, but the history books, major prophets & wisdom literature only a couple.

  8. - all my life (never remembered not believing)
    - infant
    - Evangelical Covenant
    - yes

  9. I realized that I didn't answer my own survey here. So here it is:

    1. I've been a Christian for 14 years, converted in 1994.

    2. I was baptized at 32 in 1996.

    3. Currently in a "non-denominational" church, but there's a loose label of "reformed baptist."

    4. Yes, I've read it. Maybe six times straight through.

  10. Hey Dude,

    How long? Good question... according to my Mom's written records, since I was 3 years old! I don't recall ever believing differently, but I do recall living differently! I really have no idea how long I've been a Christian. I guess it's possible that I have been for 42 years... or maybe only about 25? or could be only 20 or so?

    Baptized... don't remember! lol Short memory and it isn't recorded anywhere that I know of... but I think it was in 1991 or maybe 1992... could be 1990, but I don't think so.

    Denomination...? I have always considered myself non-denominational even as I was growing up in a Plymouth Brethren church, go figure! But now I call it pseudo-reformed. I don't mean it derogatorily... just think that is an apt description.

    The ENTIRE Bible!!? Wow, that's a lot of pages. Thankfully I like reading and the Bible is incredibly interesting (Yes, even Numbers!), so... Yes, but never straight through as you have! That would take amazing determination to not deviate and read other parts out of order! You are psycho dude! :-p

  11. Hmmm I don't know how to edit my comment....
    I didn't mean that the church I am going to now is a Plymouth Brethren that is pseudo reformed... that would be pretty bizarre. I am now going to a different church that I refer to as being pseudo reformed... I think you know it. :-p
    I also went to an Evangelical Covenant for a number of years until they started installing unqualified elders. They made some amazing arguments about why women can be qualified, but I couldn't quite make it over the hermeneutic hurdles and got stuck in the obstacle course of logical and theological twists and turns... so I then went on to the place I enjoy fellowship at now.

    That's a pretty long answer for such a simple question! I need to get to bed! ugghhh