Sunday, September 21, 2008


This last week really impressed me with the approach of autumn. It's not only in the sun, but in the air as well. I've left for work with dew on my car windows. It's been cooler at night. The sun has that orange feel to it. Leaves are falling from some trees. Our silver maple has started to change colors, even if just slightly.

Many of our boulevards around here are lined with trees that change brilliant colors in autumn. Each tree has its own timetable for color. There are red trees next to green ones, and some with a rainbow of leave colors. I can't wait.

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. It changes ever so slightly from summer through Indian summer into fall. The Bay Area's summer weather pattern of fog and ocean breeze changes to an offshore flow keeping the cool weather out in the ocean. Then the warm weather eases into crisp, cool days of raking leaves and playing football on the lawn. The World Series is a great time of the year. October is my favorite month. It will be great to share the season with our kids.

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  1. My favorite time of year as well...I always get a burst of energy and a renewed sense of optmisim in the fall...not sure why.