Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quitting Church

Andrew Sandlin links to a Wall Street Journal book review of "Quitting Church", written by Julia Duin, a Washington Times religion reporter. Duin's point is that many people are leaving evangelical churches, contrary to popular understanding, and for reasons not obvious. To quote:

The faults she points to -- relying on her own reporting and survey data -- are many. They are surprising, too, running counter to the stereotype of evangelicals bonding happily in their churches. She reports, among other things: a lack of a feeling of community among church members, inducing loneliness and boredom; church teaching that fails to go beyond the basics of the faith or to reach members grappling with suffering or unanswered prayer; pastors who are either out of touch with their parishioners or themselves unhappy, or who fail to shepherd their flocks, or who are caught up in scandal, or who try to control the lives of church members in a high-handed way. She claims that many churches have "inefficient leadership models" and that many, preoccupied with the care of families, neglect single people.



  1. Pretty well sums up my general, overall experience.

    My problem is not with God......it is with his children.. (and I am certain I am part of the problem)

  2. That also sums about my current critiques of church leadership and the reason people leave (and my personal experience on the subject).

    Solution - new leadership models! I am game for something new - might even go back to church if it changed leadership models.