Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dense Fog

For the last week or so we've had some very dense fog, especially at night. I love the fog and the feeling of being socked in. Fog is peaceful and dampens noise. I've had the pleasure of jogging in the foggy morning several days this week and I could hear the fog horn at the marina in the distance. Okay, it can be less than fun to drive in, but I'm not always driving. Typically in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco and the coast get fog in the summer (higher fog) and inland areas get ground fog in the winter.

I always had first period PE class in high school, so we had many foggy mornings. The coach would send us out to run laps, and some would venture out only as far as the coach could see, then join the rest of the runners back on the way in, feigning being out of breath. I grew up between two ridges of hills, so the fog would settle in between. I had many experiences of sticking my head out of an open driver's door to see the dashed line on the road as the only way to navigate.

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  1. No kidding it has been thick, damp and cold. I have heard the fog horn up here too. I never knew we had one down there until last week. It is a soothing sound.

    My PE students love running in the fog because they cheat on their warm up run. We all know and just pretend that we don't know. We had the students run our cross country type of mile one time (it is across all of our fields, on the track and on the blacktop). The students knew which direction to run to but they did not know where the cone was at to go to the next cone. It was pretty funny. I was up on the track and I used the bull horn to tell the students that I could not even see where they were at on time. I am not sure if we would do that again because if a student got hurt, we would NEVER know, we would not even know where to look for him.

    I posted last night on the fog too.
    Have a great week,