Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

No holiday dinner would be complete without at least one child wearing his or her olives. This was at our third Christmas in 24 hours. We have at least four each year. Mrs. Scott's family (mom + sisters' families) traditionally have Christmas on the 24th, our "nuclear" family on Christmas morning, my family on Christmas day, and Mrs. Scott's dad's family in January. Tonight we had olives for dinner.

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  1. The strange thing is, the previous post on the blog announces they will be open but please make wise driving decisions, and the subsequent post provides a link for those who "couldn't make it out due to the snow." But this post makes it seem that those who didn't show up somehow didn't love the church or Jesus enough. Subjective calls on whether the roads are safe became an objective measure of one's committment.