Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

Random thoughts on a Friday evening:

  • Curse the ice cream man. So wishes Mrs. Scott. He drives by just a few minutes before dinner and causes a stir among the neighborhood children. Discord in our house while dinner might get burnt...
  • Chasing squirrels at the Berkeley marina was fun with our seven year old.
  • With our new laptop I got to sit at a cafe and write a magazine article. Wow, a real writer. Now to get something published.
  • An ad for an architectural job for which I'm neither over- or under-qualified. It actually looks pretty good. Let's see if I get an interview...these are pretty rare these days.
  • Today with the kids was just one of those days. :(
  • The plastic button on the kitchen sink sprayer broke and now turning on the water means it comes out of the sprayer. Any plumbers out there?
  • Ceiling fans are wonderful in weather like this. Ahhh.
  • There's a complete toy store inventory under our sofa.

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