Monday, May 31, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri On Monday

Musings and amusings for half a fortnight, belated:

  • You know you're a redneck church if "Power" is a one-syllable word (pahr) and "Glory" is a three-syllable word (guh-LOH-wree)
  • I'm still using the Norelco rotatract razor my dad gave me when I was 16. Of course, with me having blond facial hair I don't get a five o'clock shadow, so I don't have to shave every day.
  • Our driveway edges - made of scalloped concrete brick on one side and bendable edge board on the other - seem to be targets for vehicles in maneuvering mode. Hmmm. What to do.
  • Our kids catch crawdads in the creek behind us. I remember doing that as a kid at a local creek. Of course, they catch and release. We have a crayfish festival up the river in the delta that draws a big crowd every year. Need to go sometime.
  • This morning I installed a pull cord for the side gate latch. Ingenious invention that I found at the hardware store. It's got a spring return and a large loop for the kiddies to grab. Now we can rest knowing our kids can get into the back yard from the front.
  • It's almost June, and that means one thing. It won't be May anymore.
  • This weekend is traditionally the first weekend of the summer season. So, there's nothing better than the summer sound to make it seem like summer. Love this stuff.

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