Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Potpourri

It's been a few weeks, and the Friday Night Potpourri hasn't been on Friday night for a while:

  • Because Fridays have been real crazy?
  • Because Fridays have been so tiring that I fall asleep too early?
  • Because Fridays mean that Saturday comes too early?
  • Because I forget it's Friday?
  • Because when you kid's getting sick all night you gotta do the laundry over and over again?
  • Another cold rain storm is on its way. It's been nice having so much rain this year, but without as much flooding as usually comes with lots of rain.
  • So the closet doors fit in the rafters after all. Much easier to get to the clothes and shoes. I really don't like those sliding bi-pass closet doors. Much prefer the standard doors.
  • The bank and the post office always seem to be on the same errand runs. The kids know it by heart.
  • Okay, so next Friday I hope to be back on Friday.
  • A good 80's pop number. Dig the crazy styles and the uniforms.

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