Monday, December 19, 2011

Blogger's Cramp...and What To Do About It?

Long time readers of my blog (if there are many of them left) know that I haven't written much in the last so many months.  Because of my current job situation I have much less time to write.  Even when I do have time, I simply don't write the way I used to.  Lately I have had a string of great blog ideas, I start writing about those ideas, then I have to go to bed or something else.  The next day, my ideas don't sound so great and I abandon the thought, being glad I didn't follow through.

I have a few ideas why I'm not writing much anymore when I do have the time, so maybe I'll share those in the coming weeks.  Hey, now that's a good idea worth writing about!  Write about why I'm not writing.

Does anybody have similar problems, and if so, what have you done/are doing about them?  Oh, and if you're not reading my blog, nevermind.


  1. Steve,

    I'm working a lot right now as well. I blog, but not to the degree I used to. I'm determined not to worry about it. I figure that if it happens it happens. No big deal.

  2. I don't have a similar problem. But I sometimes wish I had slept on a thought before hitting post. :) That part of your problem doesn't seem like a problem. Maybe you are just getting wiser.

  3. I think a lot of topics have been blogged to death and it is hard to come up with anything fresh. I keep a Word doc with all of the ideas I think of to blog about but probably 75% of them never make it to fruition.

  4. Hi Steve.

    I followed a link to here from Dave black and wrote some thoughts about blogging / social media being a conversation.

    I used the wikipedia explanation of conversation having 3 components. Interaction, spontaneity and etiquette.

    Because I believe 'Theology' is about God and Creation - a theological blog should also include snippets of our life as it reflects our walk with God.

    It looks like you have a good blog happening here. I look forward to reading more.

  5. Eric,

    I've finally come to a point where if I don't blog for two weeks, I can live with it. But it doesn't change my desire.


    I sometimes wish I slept on something before hitting "publish." That's why I've removed as many posts as I have. It only appears I don't have that problem because you can't read the bad ones! LOL


    I feel exactly the same way, and that might be a topic for a post! I, too, have a running list of potential topics, and also numerous blog posts on my editor that are labeled "draft."

  6. Welcome, Craig! Thank you for the comment and the link. Living Down Under may have some insight for my problem in that you live in a different day (our tomorrow), a different time zone and a different season. It's summer there and winter here.

    I've always tried to include some personal things in my writing, and I enjoy that from other blogs, too. Looking forward to reading much more of yours.

  7. Hillary McFarland, at one point and perhaps still, had a graphic on her blog that said "Blogging by Inspiration." I follow the same principle. When I have nothing to say, it seems better to be silent than to write empty words. I tend to blog when I cannot help but blog. It may not be good for blog rankings, but that's not why I do it.

  8. I go through seasons of drought when blogging, with nothing worth saying. By the way I changed the name of both my blogs. I think the names better fit me personally. I was able to move everything over to the new name(s).