Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Conformist Non-Conformists

Hippies.  You know those folks from the 60's and early 70's.  They prided themselves on being non-conformists.  They didn't conform to the established norms of society.  Yet in their non-conformity they seemed to all wear the same hair, the same tie-dye t-shirts, same jewelry, same jeans, took the same drugs, protested against the same things, and listened to the same music.  Despite their non-conformity they were conformists just like the rest of society, only on a smaller scale.

The same can be said of religious groups.  They shun society itself, or at least certain forms and functions of society, and live and act the same together.  I'm no sociologist, but I wonder if the concept of conformist non-conformism is what it means to be a subculture.

A subculture to which I might be most familiar is the evangelical subculture, however one wants to define it or describe it.

What of the person who is a non-conformist even amongst the non-conformists?


  1. Well, we're just plain weird, donchaknow? :p

  2. Shadowspring,

    Yeah, guess so. ;)