Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Least of These

We have a blog link chain here.  Alan Knox posts "The more least or the less least?" in response to Dan Allen's "Making the least the least" at his new blog Some Church Stuff.  I read Dan's post before Alan linked to it, and as prompted as I was to write about Dan's post, Alan's kind of put it into action.

I admit, it's not been very often that I've heard the least speak, or play music, or be allowed to contribute in great ways.  When that has occurred, the results have been amazing.  Consequent encouragement to make this the norm, however, has fallen on deaf ears and normalcy returns.  Getting to know the secrets of the least and to be blessed by them have been almost limited to private conversations.

So what's wrong with somebody born and raised in the projects playing "Amazing Grace" on his harmonica to a large church gathering?  Or what's wrong with the "least theologically trained" among us being allowed to speak about what they've read in the bible?  Well, nothing, actually.

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