Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rubberneckers In Church

Rubberneckers on the freeway are those people who slow down to stare at something completely normal and common to life on the freeway as if they've never seen such a thing. You know, a fender bender, somebody getting a ticket, or even an accident. They slow traffic way down and only make the troubled soul feel embarrassed.

Rubberneckers in church are those people who turn their necks to stare at somebody whose baby cries, tries to calm a toddler, or the guy at the soundboard who accidentally goofs with the volume control of the preacher's microphone. As if doing so will suddenly make things perfect again.

Turn your face, please, and concentrate on your own business.


  1. "As if doing so will suddenly make things perfect again." (Steve)

    So true - lol. I usually don't look around in church too much - apparently people don't like being stared at.

  2. Steve, Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Sounds like someone hit a nerve. The same thing happens to me when I read your baseball blog with its nauseating description of the "they can do no wrong" Giants. The A's stink, too, so we're hoping the Cubs or anyone but the Giants win. Give my love to Lisa, though. Actually, I regularly pray for you guys. Maybe God will open your eyes to your idolatry. Oh, and watch your X-rated language. Daggone it. Cathy C.

  3. Amen brother. We need to be considerate of others. Praise God that church is a place for children and for children to learn about our Savior.