Saturday, July 14, 2007

Talkin' Baseball - Rated NC-17

Okay, if my theology blog is bad, my baseball blog, From The Bleachers, is WORSE! Look at the words below that got me the rating. Just everyday baseball slang. Who's running this rating site, a bunch of fundamentalists?

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This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

death (7x) bomb (5x) suck (4x) viagra (3x) drugs (2x) crack (1x)


  1. Be careful! Terrorist!? hmmm bomb making! meth, fertilizer hahaha nuclear explosion, dirty bomb, clean bomb? genocide! hmmm you better not ever mention anything about incest, rape, pedophile or bestiality regardless of context and what the Bible has to say about it or you might find CPS knocking at your door next time! GUN! bullets, assault rifle (sounds of screaming in terror!), Friday night special... or is that Saturday? :-p Is that kind of like Saturday night fever?? gang, warfare, weapon, 911, 9/11, world trade center, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Northwoods documents, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Rome, Israel, anti-semite, Lusitania, bay of pigs, Oklahoma city bombing, conspiracy, assassinate! suspect, George Bush, Clinton, arson, tank, murder, corruption, rpg, night vision, 7.62, hunting and on and on you could go with words that can be used in a perfectly proper context but now your blog will have super ratings if their rating machine scans the comment section too! hahaha Glad to help out!
    See ya :-)

  2. Baseball is such a dirty sport! ;-)