Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PILGRIMS PUB: A Learner's Permit for Drinking

PILGRIMS PUB: A Learner's Permit for Drinking

Jason at Pilgrims Pub posts a letter from a high school student asking why there is no means for an adult to learn to drink responsibly, with practice and preparation, instead of suddenly being allowed by law one day.

In the eyes of the all-knowing state, we become adults when we turn 18, yet aren't allowed to drink until 21. I wonder if anybody else ever realizes that most of the problem drinking in our country is for those aged 18-21 (read: college underclassmen). Coincidence? Hardly.

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  1. Living in Pa. and being 53, I can remember when New Jersey, and I believe New York allowed 18 year olds to drink "near beer" a reduced alcohol beverage above a Coors cutter, or an O'douls but below regular beer. Liqueur was off limits until 21. That makes sense to me.
    I learned to drink beer drinking Gennessee Cream Ale, a sicky sweet soda like beer with a wallop. It must have been designed for the under age crowd. It brought the worse hang overs possible.
    I learned to drink whiskey from my parent's bar, and to this day can not stand the smell of Windsor, or any blended liquor, although I can appreciate a good single malt scotch or bourbon.
    If you can carry a gun, you can have a beer.
    Any one with a valid armed service ID needs served. My young fireman friends should have a beer after a worker.
    Turning 21 and having 21 shots should not be an option.