Saturday, August 08, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

I posted this late, but here goes:

  • I love talking with people from other places. On the train last night I sat next to a man from Tucson whose son graduated from college and was moving away from San Francisco. He mentioned that he had to wear a jacket at night in SF in August. It's usually 110 every day in Tucson. That started our conversation into anything and everything SF/AZ. Later at the game, I sat behind a woman from Toronto. She compared people there with people here. Fascinating. People are different in different places and it's great to hear about them from somebody who knows.
  • After living here five years, we finally got large garbage cans for greens and recycled stuff. Our new recycle can would have been nice all along, instead of the small plastic bins.
  • I mowed the front lawn and pulled all the weeds. Looks great. Now to get those weeds coming up out of the driveway cracks.
  • Back yard'll get done one of these days.
  • Both our cars got washed recently. Makes 'em look like new. Now to find them in parking lots.
  • This week's featured surprise song is one from my childhood. My folks missed the rock generation threshold by about a year. They didn't quite embrace Elvis, but their younger siblings did. So this song was big to me in the first grade because of how new sounding this genre of music was. I heard it on the neighbor's garage radio. It stuck for a lifetime. Here it is. Enjoy.

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