Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

Random thoughts on Friday night:

  • French fries and stout for dinner tonight.
  • Is our religion reflected in our architecture? In the 21st century? My friend Peter loaned me a copy of the book, Till We Have Built Jerusalem by Philip Bess. Tradition and New Urbanism.
  • I got stuck in bad traffic tonight, going counter-commute. It was a 49er pre-season game that caused it.
  • What do you get when a seven year old, a five year old, a four year old and a two year old play with the same bucket of Lego's? Answer: chaos and crying.
  • Quoting a friend: "Church girls I've dated are either dopey or crazy."
  • I once read a book entitled, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye."
  • I married my wife and chucked the book.
  • Another of my very favorite songs from my childhood. These guys are hip.


  1. RE architecture: Yes, it is.

    After the Reformation they removed the rood screens and moved the pulpit to the middle, and removed the altar. In America, they have recently made the pulpit transparent and the pastor has become the focus of worship.

    I like the medieval cross and altar and monstrance more...

  2. "...and the pastor has become the focus of worship."

    Abu, may I quote you on that?

  3. I can definitely see why the rood screens were removed after the reformation, at least in Protestant churches. I would think that Catholics would still want them in place though.

    I think it is a false conclusion to say that just because a pulpit is transparent that the pastor has become the focus of worship. There could be numerous other reasons. If a church is worshiping their pastor, the style of their pulpit is the least of their concerns! Thank God I've never been to a church that has gone into apostasy like that! That is quite an accusation to make against churches with transparent pulpits. I'm assuming that the accusation was made in sincerity and not flippantly. Accusing the bride of Christ like that should be done with care.

    By the way, I attend church in America and have never seen a transparent pulpit, not that I doubt their existence....

    As for myself, I wouldn't place my focus of worship on a pastor, pulpit, cross, altar, monstrance or any other symbol, but rather on Jesus the Christ.

    Oh! And I agree that the architecture definitely reflects the religion of the people, much like any other form of art.