Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

End of the non-work week odds and ends:

  • Last night I went to the Giants game against Arizona, and it was shorts weather. After 25 years of holding Giants season tickets, I have only been able to wear the t-shirt/shorts combo maybe a dozen times for a night game. It is usually extremely cold on a San Francisco summer evening.
  • A new neighbor in the apartment across the street installed a new lawn in their back yard. He came over and asked if I had a lawn mower he could borrow to mow it. I said yes. As payment, he offered to mow my lawn. Perfect.
  • Still unemployed. I have a number of friends in the architecture profession who have been out of work as long or longer than I have. No new jobs for them either. One friend found a new job, only to be laid off again a few months later.
  • Autumn is coming. I love the weather and the air and the sun. Just a few months until colored leaves.
  • Pennant races are shaping up in baseball. Mostly wild-card battles.
  • This song came out while I was in college. It was played quite a bit on MTV (back when MTV played music). Not my favorite genre of music, but the overall feel made it one of those songs I remember from a specific time period. My friend and I both had a crush on the girl in the video.

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