Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

I missed last week due to our move. We're still in move mode, so I'll squeeze this in between waking up on the couch and heading for bed. Two weeks condensed thoughts on a Friday night. I count time after midnight but before I go to bed as still the same day as when the sun went down. It's still Friday.

  • Packing and moving bring back many memories. Many good, some not so good.
  • Just received "Waiting On God" by Andrew Murray in the mail, as suggested by a friend. It's a 31 day devotional. Maybe I'll write occasionally about it. It was written in 1896.
  • We lived there five years, and just today I hit the taco truck in the Ace Truck Supply parking lot that Mrs. Scott and I said again and again we should try.
  • We're now within walking distance from grandma and grandpa's house.
  • Not having an office to go to every day this summer, I got really used to my sandals. Now that I'm wearing my boots to do the move, it's weird and I miss my sandals.
  • Mrs. Scott's broken elbow is healing well, but still not up to "move" standards.
  • *blank*
  • Continuing with a FNP feature: Another great song from my youth. Not as popular as that other tune [that I previously posted] from the same group, but very intense. I remember hearing it on my next door neighbor's older sister's phonograph as a 45.



    Andrew Murray is good reading. Deep Rich

  2. I agree. Andrew Murray is as applicable to today's church as he was back in the 1800's.

  3. I don't envy you at all Steve. Moving is a nightmare. I'll be retiring in a year or two to move to Bend Oregon from the Bay Area. I'm looking at 31 years of accumulation that I need to clean out before we move. And that's just from my second marriage. I have around 2500 books to sort through along with all the other "household" "stuff" we've collected. That's not including the boxes of things we've set aside to "look at later" which we never got to.
    Ugh...Isn't there a miracle worker from somewhere who can make this stuff all magically disappear?

  4. Their "other" song? I know which song you mean, but this group had lots of hits.

  5. James,

    Oops, by "other song" I meant the other one I linked to on Friday Night Potpourri, namely, "Joy To The World." Yes, they do have many other hits. Maybe I assumed my readers were as up on this thread as I was...

  6. Steve,

    Thanks for sharing your story of faith.

    You and your family are in my prayers.