Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Night Potpourri

Thoughts throughout the week:

  • Early in the week, the temperature dropped into the 30's. Then the first rain of the season was one of the largest storms in 40 years, creating widespread flooding. But since it doesn't rain here between May and October, the parched earth drank much of it up. Today it was 85 with high humidity.
  • Still moving things into storage. Almost done. The first trip to storage is tossing things in. They fit. Today was like doing a jigsaw puzzle trying to fit things into tight spaces. Chucking a sitting chair up on top of a pile is great fun! We laughed, anyway.
  • Good ole fashioned metal Tonka trucks are a hot housing market for black widow spiders.
  • My dad and I saw a number of people talking on their cell phones while driving today - which is against the California vehicle code. But our governor's wife set the example. If it's good enough for her...
  • Lots of stories on the news recalling the San Francisco earthquake twenty years ago.
  • The song of the week? I saw these guys at Gilligan's Beach House in Modesto back in about 1994. 80's glam metal at its best, an upbeat song from the very first metal album to hit number one. Hilarious. Please don't mind the Spanish sub-titles, it was the best video of this song I could find.


  1. Has it been 20 years since that earthquake???!!!???!!???

    I just recently came across a t-shirt (stored away) my grandmother was given while out there visiting family--it was about "surviving" the Candlestick Park game that evening!

    I still remember where I was that evening cause I had family out there!

  2. Connie,

    Yes, 20 years! I bought an "I survived game 3" t-shirt. I know it's around here somewhere...

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