Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Night Potpourri

Uhhhh... yeah.

  • I found a number of sites showing dimensions for an official baseball diamond. They were far from unanimous in all the dimensions, and most all sites contained at least one error. So much for standards, eh?
  • I remember hearing a few years back that the internet was going to run out of the ability to handle all of its activity in the year 2010. Has that happened yet?
  • June is here, and we're finally getting some pseudo summer weather.
  • Have you checked out Freecycle on Yahoo Groups? It's like Craigslist, but everything is recycled and free. Er, um, Freecycle. Get it? Mrs. Scott picked up some pretty nice chairs, and we're thinking of putting some old kids' toys up.
  • Some BP Logo redesigns over at Grain Edit. Actually, amidst its oily reputation, I'm hoping to go into the same industry. Oil, that is, not graphic design. I appreciate much of both.
  • My folks are taking a bunch of 30+ foot Italian Cypress trees out of their back yard. I climbed up and hacked a number of the 17' branches down. Tim-ber! Well, all but one fell into the yard. The odd one out fell into the neighbor's yard in the opposite direction that I prophesied, but was caught by their redwood and lemon trees before doing any damage. Whew!
  • Way groovy hair metal feedback version of a classic, man. Far out.

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